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Cineteca di Bologna: First World War Films

>> View collection Cineteca di Bologna provides access to a series of silent films restored by them. The films selected stem from the period of World War One and include newsreels and documentaries shot during the Italian colonial campaign in Lybia; Propaganda shorts depicting the bravery of the Italian Army before the War; Italian documentaries on the Italian Army in the trenches (including films by the Italian producer and cameraman Luca Comerio); Documentaries on the advance of the Austrian Army after the Battle of Caporetto; Italian Propaganda films aimed at raising funds for the war; Documentaries about Italian soldiers suffering from war injuries  as well as short documentaries and various fiction films shot during the war.
In addition, Cineteca di Bologna makes accessible a series of documentaries produced after the war recalling the war from different perspectives: historical documentaries; films commemorating the war; the consequences of the war on the everyday life, on the landscape, on the Italian society, on the art of many personalities.