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Fondazione Cineteca Italiana: Luca Comerio Collection and Italian Silent Films (from First World War)

>> View collection FCI gives access to two collections: Films by Luca Comeria and treasures of Italian Silent film from the period of the First World War. The collection of films shot  by Luca Comerio, a pioneer of Italian cinema, covers a period from the beginning of the 20th century until about 1920 and consists of over 30 works, including documentaries, excerpts and short comedy sketches. A cinereporter always present on the sites of the major events of that period, such as the Messina earthquake of 1908, Comerio was appointed the first and foremost operator of the Royal House. Fascinated by the idea of progress and military technology, he followed the Italian troops at the front during the colonial wars and the First World War, leaving us images full of drama. As a witness of the historical and cultural events of early 20th-century Italy, Comerio has the merit of being among those who have given a boost to Italian film industry and has encouraged the development of new forms of expression of the emerging art of cinema.
In addition to the Luca Comerio Collection, FCI put online a selection films of Italian silent cinema including feature films, shorts and documentaries from their archive. In the past few years many of them were restored, digitized or re-printed on safety film in order not only to preserve them but also to allow the screening of this . In addition to some great classics such as "Cenere" or "Assunta Spina", also many others less-known but of great historical value film were restored, including children's films and works of moral and didactic purpose, able to return trends and climate of the production of that period. Many of these films, especially those produced during the years of the First World War, are available on the EFG portal.