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Nėra atitikimų



  • Šalis: GB
  • Metai: 1918
  • Trukmė: 17 mins
  • Aprašas:
    Surrender of U-boats and other ships of the German fleet at the end of the war.

    I. Aerial medium shot of HMS Satyr (F.59) underway. Two surrendered U-boats pass beneath camera-airship, followed by Scott Class Leader, UC.III and U.160 Class (?) submarines. Medium shot, HMS Melampus (H.75) with Motor Launch alongside - R Class destroyer passes in background. Camera drifts right to pick up a line of U-boats passing right to left, diagonally down the screen - U.81 Class, U.93 Class, U.160 Class, and others. II. German Ships on their way to surrender to Great Britain, Nov. 21st., 1918. Photographed from H.M.S. Castor . Long shot of line of German light cruisers - SS airship overhead. Medium long shot off port bow of HMS Talisman. Long shot of Bremse Class cruiser (?), and pan right to show German ships in line ahead. Medium long shot as Later Marksman Class destroyer leads in German destroyers. Pan over lines of surrendered vessels. Medium shot, HMS Seymour (D.09). Medium shot of Dromedary Class paddle tug. Various views of anchored German destroyers, including G.101, S.131, V.67, V.125, G.85, S.31 and B.109 Class vessels. British Thornycroft torpedo boat also appears in this sequence. Tracking close-up past S.53 Class destroyer - crew on deck, German naval ensign at peak of mainmast. Medium shot of V.67 Class destroyer. Panning long shot over anchorage at sunset. III. Photographed from Airship N.S.7. Aerial views of surrendering German capital ships: Koenig Class battleships, British flagship HMS Queen Elizabeth, SMS Baden, Kaiser, Kaiserin (?), and Friedrich der Grosse, German battle cruisers SMS Von der Tann, Derfflinger, Hindenburg and Seydlitz, light cruisers SMS Bremse, Brummer, Frankfurt, Emden (II), Koeln (II) and Dresden (II).

  • Raktiniai žodžiai: EFG1914
    World War I
    Royal Navy, Satyr
    Royal Navy, Melampus
    Royal Navy, Seymour
    Royal Navy, Talisman
    Royal Navy, Queen Elizabeth
    German Imperial Navy, Baden
    German Imperial Navy, Kaiser
    German Imperial Navy, Kaiserin
    German Imperial Navy, Friedrich der Grosse
    German Imperial Navy, Von der Tann
    German Imperial Navy, Derfflinger
    German Imperial Navy, Hindenburg
    German Imperial Navy, Seydlitz
    German Imperial Navy, Bremse
    German Imperial Navy, Brummer
    German Imperial Navy, Emden (II)
    German Imperial Navy, Koeln (II)
    German Imperial Navy, Dresden (II)
    ships, British naval - battleship: Queen Elizabeth
    ships, British naval - destroyer: Satyr (F.59)
    ships, British naval - destroyer: Melampus (H.75)
    ships, British naval - destroyer: Seymour (D.09)
    ships, British naval - destroyer: Talisman (G.4A)
    ships, British naval - destroyer: Scott Class Leader
    ships, British naval - assistance: Dromedary Class tug & [paddle]
    ships, German naval - battleship: Baden & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - battleship: Kaiser & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - battleship: Kaiserin & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - battleship: Friedrich der Grosse & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - battleship: Von der Tann & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - battleship: Derfflinger & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - battleship: Hindenburg & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - battleship: Seydlitz & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - cruiser: Bremse & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - cruiser: Brummer & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - cruiser: Frankfurt & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - cruiser: Emden (II) & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - cruiser: Koeln (II) & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - cruiser: Dresden (II) & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - destroyer: G101 Class & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - destroyer: S131 Class & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - destroyer: V67 Class & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - destroyer: V125 Class & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - destroyer: G85 Class & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - destroyer: S31 Class & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - destroyer: B109 Class & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - destroyer: S53 Class & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - submarine: UCIII Class & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - submarine: U160 Class & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - submarine: U80 Class & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - submarine: U93 Class & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - submarine: U81 Class & [surrendered]
    First World War, Armistice & German Navy, Internment of & 21/11/1918
  • Kilmė: Imperial War Museums
  • Turinio teikėjas: Imperial War Museums
  • Gamybos kompanija:Royal Air Force
    London Photo Centre
  • Spalva: Black & White
  • Sound: Without sound