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  • Kitas pavadinimas (ai): der MAGISCHE GÜRTEL [original title]
  • Šalis: DE
  • Metai: 1918
  • Trukmė: 33 mins
  • Aprašas:
    British adaptation of the German film which records the U-35 sinking merchant shipping in the western Mediterranean and west of Gibraltar, 31st March-6th May 1917. The captions describe heroic fights put up by British vessels with additional film of U-boats at Harwich after the Armistice, proving that Britannia rules the waves .

    (Reel 1) The film starts with U-35 casting off at Cattaro (not Trieste as given) and passing the Austrian fleet at anchor. The crew of the captured SS Parkgate row to U-35 which the English captain boards. The destruction party goes to the Parkgate which is then shelled and sunk, boilers exploding. SS Maplewood is sunk by a torpedo after the crew abandon ship. Cleaning guns. Captain von Arnauld de la Perière on the conning tower. India and Stromboli are boarded and sunk.(Reel 2) De la Perière and a warrant officer take sightings of the sun. SS Corfu is shelled and sunk. The U-Boat crew on deck. The boat passes through heavy seas. Nentmoor is shelled and sunk. The captain crosses off the names of ships sunk in Lloyd's Register. Five captured English captains take a stroll on the deck of U-35. The crew of U-35 bathe in the Mediterranean (Atlantic in the original). The schooner Miss Morris sinks after the crew abandon it. Turtles from the schooner are lifted aboard (no indication that the turtles are cargo in the original). The captain writes a wireless message. Meeting the cruiser SMS Heligoland. Entering the Bay of Cattaro bedecked with pennants. De la Perière leaves U-35. Crew open letters from home. Finally, surrendered U-boats at Harwich including de la Perière's subsequent command, the U-139.

  • Raktiniai žodžiai: EFG1914
    World War I
    Arnauld de la Perière, Lothar von
    German Imperial Navy, U35
    German Imperial Navy, Heligoland
    German Imperial Navy, U139
    ships, German naval - submarine: U35
    ships, German naval - submarine: U139 & [surrendered]
    ships, German naval - cruiser: Heligoland
    ships, British civilian - cargo: Parkgate & [captured] & [wrecked]
    ships, British civilian - cargo: Maplewood & [captured] & [wrecked]
    ships, British civilian - cargo: India & [captured] & [wrecked]
    ships, British civilian - cargo: Stromboli
    ships, British civilian - cargo: Corfu
    ships, British civilian - cargo: Nentmoor
    ships, British civilian - cargo: Miss Morris & [sail]
    combat, German naval - submarine: [+]
    12/3(262).011 [U35, Operations of]
    First World War, Armistice & German Navy, Internment of & 1919
    Austria-Hungary & Cattaro, Dalmatia
    Yugoslavia & Kotor, Montenegro
    Harwich, Essex, England, UK
  • Kilmė: Imperial War Museums
  • Turinio teikėjas: Imperial War Museums
  • Spalva: Black & White
  • Sound: Without sound