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Nėra atitikimų

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Nėra atitikimų



  • Šalis: GB
  • Metai: 1919
  • Trukmė: 4 mins
  • Aprašas:
    Studio compilation showing a fictitious action , which involves the various types of craft engaged in anti-submarine warfare duties.

    A torpedo track reveals the presence of an enemy submarine. A destroyer (Yarrow M Class), ML.55 and two companions, and a trawler, Electra, close in. Electra drops a primitive depth charge. The U-boat , when forced to the surface, is clearly identifiable as the British submarine H.47, and is flying the White Ensign. A ship's cutter picks up survivors . A small observation periscope emerges from a calm sea and passes off screen, as the enemy submerges for the last time . Fish, stunned by the depth charge, are collected by the drifter's crew: To-morrow will be Friday and we've got 'some' fish today.

  • Raktiniai žodžiai: EFG1914
    World War I
    Royal Navy, ML55
    Royal Navy, H47
    ships, British naval - destroyer: Yarrow M Class & [-]
    ships, British naval - submarine: H47
    ships, British naval - light forces: ML55
    ships, British auxiliary - minesweeper: Electra
    equipment, British naval - surveillance: periscope
    weapons, British naval - depth charge
    combat [simulated], British naval - anti-submarine
  • Kilmė: Imperial War Museums
  • Turinio teikėjas: Imperial War Museums
  • Gamybos kompanija:Admiralty
  • Spalva: Black & White
  • Sound: Without sound