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  • Šalis: GB
  • Metai: 1918
  • Trukmė: 16 mins
  • Aprašas:
    Submarine E.23 at Harwich and at sea, 1918.

    I. Excerpt from H.M. VISIT TO THE GRAND FLEET, (IWM 556/01), showing King George V, Admiral Beatty, Lieutenant HRH Prince Albert, and Lord Cromer onboard HMS Queen Elizabeth. II. Excerpt from THE STORY OF THE DRIFTERS, (IWM 553/01). Drifters embark mines and prepare to leave harbour. Minesweepers at sea - HMS Melton (898), HMS Sandown (903), HMS Ravenswood (588), HMS Albyn (587). View from crow's nest on HMS Swift, and medium close-up of crewman semaphoring. III. Title sequence. Medium close-up as torpedo is taken onboard submarine E.23 at Harwich - Special I Class destroyer HMS Firedrake (97), in the background. Submarine casts off. Medium shot of vessel underway and submerging to periscope depth. E.23 surfaces, and crew emerge to uncover and fire 12-pounder. High-angle medium shot as she returns to base to be secured alongside.

  • Raktiniai žodžiai: EFG1914
    World War I
    George V, King
    Beatty, David Richard
    George VI, King
    Baring, Rowland Thomas (2nd Earl of Cromer)
    Royal Navy, Queen Elizabeth
    Royal Navy, Melton
    Royal Navy, Sandown
    Royal Navy, Ravenswood
    Royal Navy, Albyn
    Royal Navy, FIREDRAKE (HMS), destroyer (1912)
    Royal Navy, E23
    Royal Navy, Swift
    Royal Navy, DRUSILLA (HMS), minesweeper
    Royal Navy, Pitfour
    Royal Navy, Strathdevon
    ships, British naval - destroyer: Swift & [-]
    ships, British naval - destroyer: Firedrake (97) & [-]
    ships, British naval - submarine: E23
    ships, British naval - minesweeper: Melton (898) & [paddle]
    ships, British naval - minesweeper: Sandown (903) & [paddle]
    ships, British auxiliary - minesweeper: Ravenswood (588) & [paddle]
    ships, British auxiliary - minesweeper: Albyn (587) & [paddle]
    ships, British auxiliary - minesweeper: Drusilla (GY.951)
    ships, British auxiliary - minesweeper: Pitfour (PD.241)
    ships, British auxiliary - minesweeper: Strathdevon (A539)
    operations, British naval - mines: clearance
    operations, British naval - preparation: ammunitioning
    operations, British naval - return
    communications, British naval - direct: semaphore
    delegations, British national - state
    training, British naval - weapons: submarine's surface gun
  • Kilmė: Imperial War Museums
  • Turinio teikėjas: Imperial War Museums
  • Gamybos kompanija:Engholm, F W
  • Spalva: Black & White
  • Sound: Without sound