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First World War Collections

Arhiva Naţională de Filme: First World War Films

>>View collection The Romanian Film Archive provides access to 12 films from their collection related to World War One.





Bundesarchiv Filmarchiv: First World War Films

>>View collection From its holdings related to the First World War the Federal Archives / Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv Berlin makes available different genres such as newsreels – "Messter-Woche", partly tinted, short documentaries – "Bilder aus der großen Schlacht" (Pic

Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée: First World War Films

>>View collection The CNC French Film Archives give access to over 100 films related to the First World War. These include films produced both during the war – although authorities were quick to exploit the film industry – and in the post-war period.

Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique: First World War Films

>>View collection The CINEMATEK World War One collection contains a large variety of newsreels, documentary and feature films, mostly produced in the decade after the war. The images include representations of Belgium ("Poor Little Belgium") as a victim of the 'Great War', the fate and suffering of women during the war or the Flemish emancipation and how films mainly produced by Clemens De Landtsheer contributed to the myth of the Flemish soldier on the Yser.

Cineteca di Bologna: First World War Films

CCB Preview>> View collection Cineteca di Bologna provides access to a series of restored silent films.

Cineteca Nazionale: First World War Films

Cineteca Nazionale First World War films >>View collection Cineteca Nazionale in Rome provides access to a collection of films related to the First World War.

Det Danske Filminstitut: First World War Films

>> View collection The Danish Film Institute gives access to documentary footage and films as well as fiction films from the period 1914-1918. The documentary collection contains both general "news" items from the period, with events and actuality items, but also some of the earliest footage from the German captured territories in Northern France and Prussia.

Deutsche Kinemathek: First World War Films

Air Ship Destroyer
>>View collection The World War One collection from the archives of the Deutsche Kinemathek contains over thirty films as well as other film-related material such as film related documents, posters and film stills.

Deutsches Filminstitut – DIF: First World War Films

>> View collection The corpus of films digitised by DIF within the framework of EFG1914 is largely composed of non-fiction material such as newsreels, documentaries, propaganda films, and amateur footage. Fictional films make up a smaller part of the material and include, beyond feature films, some “Tonbilder” (sound pictures) – short films that were synchronously accompanied by a gramophone record in cinema.

Eesti Filmiarhiiv: First World War Collection

>>View collection Estonian Film Archives is giving access to 6 films and about 2,500 photos.

EYE Filmmuseum (The Netherlands): Film Posters from the 1910s

>> View collection  Most of the posters EYE is contributing for EFG1914 are part of the Desmet Collection. Jean Desmet was a pioneer film distributor whose business went into bankruptcy around 1916, due to the economic effects of the WWI. Until then, Desmet tried to trade with all kinds of film companies from all over the world, and kept his papers and promotional material for the rest of his life.

EYE Filmmuseum (The Netherlands): First World War Films

>> View collection  For the EFG1914 project, EYE is contributing more than 300 film items totaling about 100 hours, and more than 900 film posters from the 1910s. The films are selected according to various criteria. Newsreels, travelogues and also fiction films from the period of 1914 to 1918 from numerous countries are included.

Filmarchiv Austria: First World War Films

>>View collection

Filmoteca Española: Silent Spanish fiction and non-fiction films (1913-1920)

>>View collection Filmoteca Española presents a selection of documentaries, newsreels and non-fiction movies showing the Spanish daily city and country life during the second decade of the 20th century. Amateur movies are also included. Newsreels include international news of WWI (The Battle of the Somme, Marshall Von MacKensen advancing on Dobrudja… and more).

Filmoteca Valenciana.CulturArts-IVAC: Spanish feature films from the First World War

>>View collection CulturArts-IVAC contributes a feature film collection that reflects the disadvantageous impact of the war in the film production of a non-belligerent country like Spain. Three melodramas starring the great actress Margarita Xirgu and one more starring the exotic dancer Tortola Valencia show the impossibility of the Spanish film industry, then led by Barcelona-based producers, for taking advantage of those exceptional circumstances.

Filmoteka Narodowa: World War One films

>>View collection This WW1 Collection held by the National Film Archive in Warsaw includes newsreels, documentaries and feature films relating to the First World War and its aftermath.

Fondazione Cineteca Italiana: Luca Comerio Collection and Italian Silent Films (from First World War)

>> View collection FCI gives access to two collections: Films by Luca Comeria and treasures of Italian Silent film from the period of the First World War. The collection of films shot  by Luca Comerio, a pioneer of Italian cinema, covers a period from the beginning of the 20th century until about 1920 and consists of over 30 works, including documentaries, excerpts and short comedy sketches.

Imperial War Museums: First World War Film Collection

IWM Preview>> View collection IWM has an extensive collection relating to the First World War including diaries and letters, works of art, photographs, three dimensional objects, books, pamphlets and film. The Film Archive holds around 250 hours (projected at 18fps) of First World War material. The collection illustrates all aspects of the conflict, both at home and on the fighting fronts. It includes the renowned film The Battle of the Somme - now granted UNESCO Memory of the World status – which shows trench warfare as captured by official army cameramen.

Istituto Luce Cinecittà: First World War Films

>>View collection LUCE provides access to 20 films from their archives related to World War One.





Jugoslovenska Kinoteka: Balkan War & First World War Films

>>View collection

La Cineteca del Friuli: First World War Films

>>View collection The Cineteca del Friuli holds in its collections a selection of Italian silent films that make up the "Great War Fund" and can be made available to the audience. They include numerous restorations curated by the Cineteca itself over the years, originating from nitrate copies, and various other acquisitions. The fund includes both documentary, newsreels and fictional movies and can be divided into three groups: I.

Magyar Nemzeti Digitális Archívum és Filmintézet (MaNDA): First World War Films

>>View collection





Museo Nazionale del Cinema: First World War Films

Collection Museo Nazionale del Cinema>> View collection The National Cinema Museum in Turin makes available a series of fiction and documentary films preserved in its collection.

Národní filmový archiv: First World War Films

>> View collection The NFA film collection contains newsreels, documentary and feature films, produced in the period 1914 – 1934. The most interesting part of the collection includes the images of Czechoslovak volunteers and legionnaires fighting in the Russian, French and Italian army. However, we can find here also shots mapping a situation behind the front (war’s supplying, testing of explosives, celebrations), depicting results of war (army hospitals with injured soldiers, return of soldiers after the end of the conflict) and images of activities revitalising collective memory on the World War One (unveiling of monuments to the memory of victims of the Word War One).

Nasjonalbiblioteket: First World War Films

In many of the neutral countries, daily life continued more or less unaffected by the war. The films from the Nasjonalbiblioteket (National Library of Norway) illustrate the quotidian life in Norway during the years 1914-1918, far removed from the trenches. However, information about the war reached Norway through international newsreels from companies such as Gaumont, Éclair and Pathé, often with Norwegian intertitles - these items composes a part of the Norwegian contribution to the EFG1914 project.

Österreichisches Filmmuseum: Dziga Vertov's Kinonedelja

Vertov>> View collection The Kinonedelja (Kino-Week) newsreels constitute the first films of Dziga Vertov. A total of 43 issues, each containing an average of 5 to 7 different items, were produced between May 1918 and June 1919. Vertov joined the newsreel’s ranks as a secretary but by the fall of 1918 had taken on full responsibility for the series, defining the content and structure of each issue. In some cases, Vertov even functioned as director of the newsreels.