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WWI Topics

The following sample searches are intended for exemplifying the potential of the EFG search engine. They are based on keywords provided by the archives. Please be aware that the material retrieved under a certain keyword as well as the topics presented may not be exhaustive. Further, through updates and data improvement, search results will display new material throughout February 2014. By then, all materials digitised within the EFG1914 project will be available on the European Film Gateway.


First World Western front
First World Ottoman front First World War Balkans
First World Trench warfare First World War Tank warfare
First World Submarine warfare
First World Naval warfare
First World War Artillery
Infantry First World Cavalry
First World Medical care Casualties
First World Children Women
First World Animals
First World prisoners of war
First World War Bonds First World War Treaties and Armistices
First World War Feature films First World War Newsreels